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Conservation Coaches Network

Visit the new Web site for Conservation Coaches Network.

Here you will find information about the world-wide network of trained, experienced conservation professionals committed to supporting teams to effectively apply the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation (Open Standards).

The Conservation Coaches Network is an organized and supported network of peers that spans six continents and 60 organizations.  The Mission of the Network is to catalyze effective conservation across lands and waters worldwide through supporting sound action planning, coaching, knowledge sharing and innovation.

Over 300 coaches, active in 54 countries – with varying degrees of expertise and "mileage" - are linked up as peers and colleagues in this network! While different organizations have slightly different versions of the Open Standards (i.e., TNC's Conservation Action Planning (CAP), WWF's Programme Standards), the Standards provide a common logical framework and language which allows us to share, learn and innovate together.

Would you like to find a conservation coach in your region? Contact a franchise leader to explore opportunities for coaching support in your part of the world.

Are you already a CCNet coach? Please join the CCNet Listserve to exchange ideas, ask questions, share experiences and tell others about interesting opportunities about your application of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.


Africa: Anne Ntongho & Nancy Chege
Asia/Pacific: Matt Durnin & Dachang Liu
Australia: Paul Koch & Ben Carr
Europe: Ilke Tilders & Stella Vareltzidou
Meso-America: Bernal Herrera
South America: Armando Valdés-Velásquez
Pacific Islands: Trina Leberer & Jason Sumiye
North America - Central: Tina Hall
North America - Eastern: Sara Gottlieb
North America - Rocky Mt/Pacific NW and Canada: Terri Schulz
North America - Sierra/CA: Sandi Matsumoto
WWF: Sheila O’Connor & Lydia Gaskell