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Conservation Coaches Network Rally 2010

Conservation Coaches Network Rally
Santa Cruz, California. November 16-18, 2010

“Building Skills, Shaping Methods, Celebrating Community”

The Conservation Coaches Network Rally was held November 16-18, 2010 close to the ocean and near ancient redwood forests at the beautiful Chaminade Resort in Santa Cruz, California. This Rally marks the beginning of a new era in our coaches community, since it is the first Rally sponsored by a “partnership-owned and operated” Conservation Coaches Network. Three  previous Rallies have taken place under the auspices of TNC’s former Efroymson Coaches Network.  

The CCNet Rally is a meeting organized and run by conservation practitioners who apply the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation all over the world. It provides an opportunity for members of the conservation coaches community to come together to connect, exchange experiences, explore and review new and evolving approaches, adaptations and tools. Specifically at Rally 2010, 140 participants from 24 different organizations came from 22 countries to sharpen their skills to support teams to develop strategies and measures in our increasingly complex world.

The agenda included over 50 different workshops, working groups and round table discussions; a “Conservation Apps Fair” that featured 10 different tools coaches and teams are using to enrich their application of the Open Standards; opportunities for coaches to provide substantive input into WWF’s and TNC’s evolving methods; field trips to some of the area’s spectacular natural areas and a party where we celebrated together and recognized the service of extraordinary coaches to our community. 

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