The Eastern U.S. Division Conservation Program of The Nature Conservancy is comprised of a group of scientists and policy experts who work on large-scale regional conservation. With over 100 years of combined conservation experience, the strategic work done by this team informs TNC’s priority planning and conservation actions in the Eastern U.S. Division. ______________________________________________________________

Division Management

Shelly Lakly, Regional Director, Eastern Division Program
Lise Hanners, Director of Conservation
Conservation Staff
Mark AndersonDirector of Conservation Science
Mark has a Ph.D. in Plant Ecology from the University of New Hampshire. Mark has a long history of leading large-scale ecological assessments to support the conservation of whole systems in eastern  North America. His research includes landscape resilience, ecosystem and disturbance processes, geophysical diversity, and habitat modeling.
Analie Barnett, Landscape Ecologist
Analie has a Master of Environmental Management with a focus on conservation science from Duke University. She works on a variety of terrestrial and freshwater projects, where she develops spatial and statistical analysis to inform natural resource management and conservation planning.
Melissa Clark, Spatial Ecologist
Melissa has a Master of Science in Resource Policy and Behavior from the University of Michigan. Her research interests include terrestrial resilience, landscape connectivity, conservation measures, marine spatial planning, and data access and distribution.
Jennifer GreeneMarine Scientist
Jennifer has a Master of Science in Zoology from the University of New Hampshire. She leads the development of coastal and marine spatial planning projects, including the Northwest Atlantic Ecoregional Assessment, a cumulative impacts tool, the Northeast Regional Data Portal, metrics for measuring conservation success, and large-scale shellfish restoration.
Erik Martin, GIS Programmer/Analyst
Erik has a Master of Geographic Information Systems from Penn State University. He works on freshwater projects with a focus on aquatic connectivity and the assessment of stream barriers. Erik has particular expertise in internet mapping.
Sally McGee, Northeast Marine Program Director
Sally has a Master of Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island and U.S.  Coast Guard merchant mariner’s license. She was a voting member of the New England Fishery Management Council (2003-2012), and has a long history of working on the ocean and for the ocean.
Tara Moberg, Applied Freshwater Scientist
Tara has a Masters of Environmental Science – Watershed Science & Policy and Management from Yale University.  While working for the Pennsylvania Chapter she also spends time with the Eastern Division Team providing guidance and support across the Division on freshwater conservation strategies.  Tara has worked in several large basins throughout the U.S. focusing on environmental flows, energy and water infrastructure planning and diadromous fish conservation.
Arlene Olivero Sheldon, Freshwater Ecologist
Arlene has a Master of Science in Biology from the University of Massachusetts. She has focused on large-scale assessments of freshwater systems and is the author of the Northeast Aquatic Habitat classification. Her research includes floodplain modeling, freshwater resilience, and aquatic habitat condition assessments.
John Prince, Conservation Information Manager
John has a BA in Geography from Millersville University, and has been working in conservation and science information since the inception of large-scale landscape conservation at TNC. John manages the Eastern Division’s extensive data library and works on terrestrial resilience, marine spatial planning, and conservation planning.
Marta Ribera, Spatial Ecologist
Marta has a Ph.D. in Geography from Boston University. Her work focuses on developing and implementing spatially-based conservation projects for marine and coastal systems across the Eastern United States. Her current projects include the Northwest Atlantic Ecoregional Assessment and the Northeast Regional Data Portal.