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Central Oak-Pine/Longleaf Pine


The Central Oak-Pine/Longleaf Pine macrogroup consists of the following habitats:

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Southern Atlantic Coastal Plain Upland Longleaf Pine Woodland

pdf Guide for this habitat.
Regional Distribution: VA. 579 total acres of habitat, of which 28.4% is conserved.

Description: A conifer or hardwood woodland of dry to dry-mesic sandy sites on the southern coastal plain down to Georgia. Oaks (southern red, post, blackjack, turkey) dominate in areas somewhat protected from natural fires by steeper topography, isolation from fire spread, or limited flammability. When fire is more frequent, the vegetation is replaced by more fire-tolerant southern pines, especially longleaf pine. An understory of scrub oaks and/or a well-developed heath shrub layer may be present. The herb layer is often sparse, and may be almost eliminated by canopy closure and accumulations of thick leaf litter. Once perhaps the most extensive system on the outer coastal plain, it is now confined in our region to a few sites in southeastern Virginia.

Download the full Guide for information about species, crosswalks to state names, and condition of this habitat.

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