How to Communicate Successfully Regarding Nature-Based Solutions: Key Lessons from Research with American Voters and Elites


Nature-Based Solutions Communications The Nature Conservancy
Across The Nature Conservancy, we are focused on incorporating nature-based solutions to adapt to a changing world for the benefit of nature and people. We can maximize our efforts to change policy and practice and implement projects on the ground by using research-driven messages and frames that best motivate public and private decision-makers and build support with voters to prioritize nature-based solutions as a tool to address threats to our public, environmental, and economic health. To that end, the Global Conservation Campaigns team, working with a cross section of partners Conservancy wide, commissioned a bipartisan polling team  to conduct six focus groups, one-on-one elite interviews, and an internet public opinion survey.

The qualitative and quantitative results from this research are summarized and presented as communication recommendations in the report.

Photo: Project GreenShores is a multi-million dollar habitat restoration and creation project located in Downtown Pensacola, Florida along the urban shoreline of Pensacola Bay. This habitat restoration effort combines multiple local, state and federal partners to restore oyster reef, salt marsh and seagrass habitat within the Pensacola Bay System. Restoring the Pensacola Bay estuary to its historic state stabilizes shorelines and provides essential habitat for wildlife propagation and conservation.