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At the Water's Edge (AWE)



At the Water's Edge (AWE): 2016 Project Factsheet

At the Water's Edge (AWE) Project

AWE for Policy Makers - COP19

AWE: Nature and Vulnerability

AWE: Science Framework and Approach​​

TNC: Coastal Resilience​

AWE: Grenville Pilot Reef Breakwater

TNC: Using Nature to Reduce Climate and Disaster Risks Brochure
AWE: Nature Based Adaptation Concepts for Grenville Bay , Grenada

TNC: 2016 Coastal Resilience Factsheet ​(click here for Spanish version)​

Reef Week Art Contest 

Reef Week Poster



AWE: List of Spatial Layers

TNC: 2016 Coastal Resilience Postcard

Reef Week Impact Report

Media and Publications

AWE: Agostini, VN, LM Roth, SW Margles. 2014. Assessing the vulnerability to climate change of small scale fisheries: the Grenada example. In P McConney, RP Medeiros, M Pena (Eds). Enhancing stewardship in small-scale fisheries: practices and perspectives. pp 22-30.

AWE: Adapting the Science of Adaptation - Cool Green Science

AWE: Build Resilience to Climate Change - Caribbean Journal

AWE: Before the Next Storm - National Geographic

AWE: Launch of Coastal Defense Project 

Reef Week Press Release - The Barncale News

Turning Back the Tide - Nature Magazine

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