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Measures Demystified online training released!


A new self-paced, online training curriculum on measures, which represent the assessment or third phase of the plan-do-check-adapt conservation management cycle is NOW available on www.conservationtraining.org. This curriculum updates and expands the existing on-line course, Monitoring

Our Conservation Work, including three new modules that merge the process of conservation planning and measures.
The self-paced course provides students with the opportunity to explore, at their own pace, the process of considering the audience and conservation context for monitoring programs, as well as reviewing the fundamentals of articulating program logic and experimental design for cost effective data collection, which we collectively refer to as “measures.”

There are six major focus areas, or modules, of the Measures Demystified course. You can take just one module or all six. Go to www.conservationtraining.org to enroll in the course today!