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Announcing Ecoregional Assessment Status Tool


Ecoregional assessments represent the science foundation of The Nature Conservancy’s work and reputation, and the Conservancy is committed to preserving and sharing one of our most important bodies of science-based work.  

To that end, we’d like to introduce EAST - the Ecoregional Assessment Status Tool - TNC’s online repository for ecoregional assessment information.  EAST has become the internal go-to source for our ecoregional assessments and as a result of TNC’s Major Systems Initiative (MSI) funding, EAST is now available online to conservation practitioners everywhere!!

In addition to TNC ecoregional assessments, EAST’s features include:

  • Google (GSA) Enabled Search Engine, which crawls all assessment information, as well as the entire content of any document uploaded to EAST, and the contents of any web pages hyperlinked in EAST entries.  This means that the EAST search tool is reaching far and wide to find the content you’re looking for.
  • EAST now holds the ecoregional assessment reports and documents!  EAST now holds all of the reports previously uploaded to ConserveOnline.  Contributors and users can now use EAST for complete assessment information management and report storage and distribution.
  • EAST is integrated with the Conservation Gateway!  As information in EAST is updated by practitioners, Conservation Gateway content will also be automatically updated, including links to the reports.  
  • EAST is spatially-enabled!  EAST users can now click the Map button from any assessment report to open a web map that will show the boundary of the assessment in an online, interactive map.
  • EAST is now public!  We’ve made EAST available on the public Internet so that we can easily share our ecoregional assessment work with the world.

We invite you to check out the new EAST at  From this point on you can use EAST to access TNC’s ecoregional assessment information!

When you visit EAST, we invite you to:

  • Use the search options on the home page to find your favorite assessments.
  • Sign in with your TNC email username and password to edit your assessment information such as its status and team members.
  • Check that we have a copy of your assessment report, or upload the latest iteration.
  • Try out the Map button to see your assessment in a web map.  
  • If you can’t find your assessment in EAST, create a new assessment record.  EAST holds terrestrial, freshwater and marine assessments.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Dave Smetana at   

Thank you!

Dave Smetana

Conservation Data Node Manager, Worldwide Office and Ecoregional and Portfolio Dataset Lead for the Conservation Data and Information Systems (CDIS) Unit of Central Science

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