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Web-Hosted Application Map: WHAM! Projects & Locations Overview



We've chosen dozens of on-the-ground application examples that demonstrate how the rich suite of LANDFIRE products can be used for large landscape evaluation, management, budgeting and planning activities, in both fire-related and non-fire arenas.

The attached document is a table with the names, locations and short descriptions of many of the WHAM! projects.

Click here to go to the WHAM! map online.   

Alaska: Seward Peninsula–Nulato Hills–Kotzebue Lowlands Rapid Ecoregional Assessment

Arizona: 2013 Wildfire Season - An overview, Southwestern U.S.

Arizona: Carbon Credit Possibililties and Economic Implications of Fuel Reduction Treatments

Arizona: Representation of Ecological Systems in U.S. Protected Areas

Arizona and New Mexico: Signal Peak Fuels Prioritization and Planning

Arizona: Southwest Forests and Grasslands Ecological Assessments

Arkansas: Simulating Treatment Effects in Pine-Oak Forests of the Ouachita Mountains

California: Effectiveness of Fuels Treatments in the Context of Climate Change (Southern California National Forests)

California: Bodie Hills Landscape Conservation Forecasting™

California: Fire Frequency in California

California: Genetics of Bobcats

California: Natural Ecosystems - A Report Prepared for the National Climate Assessment

California: Northern Sierra Nevada Climate Change Analysis

California: Value of Wildland Habitat for Pollination Study

California/Nevada: Mojave Basin and Range Rapid Ecoregional Assessment

Colorado: Development and Assessment of 30-meter Pine Density Maps for Landscape-level Modeling of Mountain Pine Beetle Dynamics

Colorado: Fire Emissions and Carbon

Colorado: Fish Assemblages with Current Projected Oil and Gas Development

Colorado: Plant Abundance in the Great Plains of Northeast Colorado

Colorado: State Forest Assessment

Colorado: Upper Monument Creek Forest Planning (see WHAM!) 

Colorado: Wildland Fire Decision Support System (see WHAM!) 

Colorado: Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (CO-WRAP)

District of Columbia: Rapid Assessment of U.S. Vegetation and Soil Organic Carbon Storage and Vegetation Carbon Sequestration Capacity

Great Lakes Region: Eliciting Expert Knowledge to Inform Landscape Modeling of Conservation Scenarios

Hawai'i: Assessment & Resource Strategy Analysis

Idaho: Clearwater Basin Collaborative Landscape Assessment

Idaho: Fire Program Analysis (see WHAM!) and/or attached document

Idaho: Payette National Forest Bighorn Sheep Viability Analysis

Illinois: Landscape Change Driven by Biofuels Mandate

Iowa: Ecosystem Services in the Midwest

Kansas: Using State-and-Transition Models to Simulate Large-Scale Changes in Land Use and the Impacts on Ecosystem Carbon Dynamics Under a Range of Future Global Change Scenarios

Maine: Appalachian Trail Decision Support System

Massachusetts: National Biomass and Carbon Dataset

Michigan: Ecological Conservation Risk of the Conterminous U.S. (national report) and noted on the attached document

Michigan: Hiawatha National Forest Planning, Stone-Moss & Raco Plains, LandType Association Descriptions  Click on the titles individually to access the materials. There are four links here.

Michigan: Forest Scenario Projects-Two Hearted River Site

Minnesota: Are Investments to Promote Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services Aligned?

Montana: Extent of Conterminous US Rangelands (links on WHAM! map)

Montana: Fire Management in the National Wildlife Refuge System - A Case Study of the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Montana

Montana: Fire Regime Synthesis (links on WHAM! map)

Montana: Northern Divide Grizzly Bear Project

Montana: Wildland Fire Potential Map

Nebraska: Future Grassland Productivity and Biofuels for Greater Platte River Basin

Nevada/Utah: Central Basin and Range Rapid Ecoregional Assessment

Nevada: Economics of Fuel Management

Nevada: Great Basin National Park Landscape Conservation Forcasting™

Nevada: Greater Sage-Grouse Characteristics and Dynamics

Nevada: Mt. Grant/Hawthorne Army Depot Management Planning

Nevada: North Schell Creek Conservation Planning

Nevada: South Spring and Hamblin Valley's Conservation Planning

Nevada: Ward Mountain Restoration Project

New Mexico and Arizona: Signal Peak Fuels Prioritization and Planning

New Mexico: Upper Mimbres Watershed Assessment

New York: Assessing Forest Ecological Integrity Using LANDFIRE and Forest Inventory Analysis

North Carolina: An Assessment of the Nantahala-Pisgah National Forest and Surrounding Lands: A Synthesis of the eCAP Methodology and LiDAR Vegetation Analysis

North Carolina: Evaluating Management Scenarios for Atlantic Coastal Plain Pocosin Soils

North Carolina: GAP Analysis- National Inventory of Vegetation and Land Use

Ohio: Wildfire Hazard Mapping: Exploring Site Conditions in Eastern U.S. Wildland-Urban Interfaces

Oregon: Climate Change and Salmonids

Oregon: Future Scenarios of Land Use and Land Cover Change in the U.S.

Oregon: Lakeview Restoration and Prioritization Analysis

Oregon: Oregon Forests and Woodland Conservation Analysis

Oregon: Regional Carbon Dioxide in U.S. West Coast

South Carolina: Modeling Vegetation Dynamics and Habitat Availability in the Southeastern U.S.

South Dakota: Fuel Treatment Effectiveness

Tennessee: Cherokee National Forest Collaborative Restoration Planning

Texas: Chihuahuan Desert Grassland Bird Habitat Relationships and Abundance (links on WHAM! map)

Utah: Carbon Biomass in the Utah High Plateaus

Utah: Developing Site-Specific Nutrient Criteria from Empirical Models

Utah: Fremont River Ranger District Landscape Conservation Forecasting™

Utah: Grouse Creek/Raft River Mountains Planning

Utah: Landscape Conservation ForecastingTM Report to the Powell Ranger District, Dixie National Forest, USDA Forest Service

Utah: Ward Mountain Restoration Project (zip file available by request

Utah: Wildland Fire Entrapment Avoidance - Modeling Evacuation Triggers

Virginia: Central Appalachians Forest Planning (see WHAM!)

Virginia: Decadal RPA Assessment

Virginia: Land Carbon Project

Virginia: Rapid Assessment of U.S. Vegetation and Soil Organic Carbon Storage and Vegetation Carbon Sequestration Capacity

Washington: Carbon Stocks of Trees Killed by Bark Beetles and Wildfire in the Western U.S.

Washington: Research to Regulation - Cougar Social Behavior as a Guide for Management (see WHAM! map)

Washington, DC: Hazardous Fuels Reduction - Ecosystem Management Decision Support System and Hazardous Fuels Prioritization and Allocation System

Washington, DC: National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy

Washington: Carbon Dynamics of Forests in Washington

Washington: Eastern Washington Forests “Whole Systems” Assessment

Wisconsin: Wild Rivers Legacy Forest Site

Wyoming: Bridger-Teton National Forest Vegetation Condition Assessment

Wyoming: Wildland Fire in the Urban Interface