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Web-Hosted Application Map: WHAM! Projects & Locations Overview


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The rich suite of LANDFIRE products can be used for large landscape evaluation, management, budgeting, and planning, in both fire and non-fire applications. The Nature Conservancy's LANDFIRE team has develped an interactive resource, the "Web-Hosted Application Map," or WHAM!, that provides thumbnail sketches of 150+ applications and links to related resources. In addition to the online map (click here), we offer links to some of the projects that are featured, below. 

 We are updating the applications and adding new ones. Some of the links below may no longer be active. Thank you for your patience during this construction project. -- The TNC-LANDFIRE team.

2013 Wildfire Season Overview: Southwestern U.S.

Alaska: Seward Peninsula–Nulato Hills–Kotzebue Lowlands Rapid Ecoregional Assessment

Arizona: Carbon Credit Possibililties and Economic Implications of Fuel Reduction Treatments

Arizona: Representation of Ecological Systems in U.S. Protected Areas

Arizona and New Mexico: Signal Peak Fuels Prioritization and Planning

Arizona: Southwest Forests and Grasslands Ecological Assessments

Arkansas: Shortleaf Pine Restoration Monitoring

Arkansas: Simulating Treatment Effects in Pine-Oak Forests of the Ouachita Mountains

California: Effectiveness of Fuels Treatments in the Context of Climate Change (Southern California National Forests)

California: Bodie Hills Landscape Conservation Forecasting™

California: Fire Frequency in California

California: Genetics of Bobcats

California: Measurement of Scenic Character Conditions Using LANDFIRE Vegetation Departure Data

California: Mojave Basin and Range Rapid Ecorregional Assessment

California: Natural Ecosystems - A Report Prepared for the National Climate Assessment

California: Northern Sierra Nevada Climate Change Analysis

California: Value of Wildland Habitat for Pollination Study

California/Nevada: Mojave Basin and Range Rapid Ecoregional Assessment

California: Potential Future Land Use Threats to California's Protected Areas

Colorado: Development and Assessment of 30-meter Pine Density Maps for Landscape-level Modeling of Mountain Pine Beetle Dynamics

Colorado: Fire Emissions and Carbon

Colorado: Fish Assemblages with Current Projected Oil and Gas Development

Colorado: Mosquito Modeling

Colorado: Pine Beetle Mapping

Colorado: Plant Abundance in the Great Plains of Northeast Colorado

Colorado: State Forest Assessment

Colorado: Upper Monument Creek Forest Planning (links on WHAM! map)

Colorado: Wildland Fire Decision Support System

Colorado: Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (CO-WRAP)

District of Columbia: Rapid Assessment of U.S. Vegetation and Soil Organic Carbon Storage and Vegetation Carbon Sequestration Capacity

Great Lakes Region: Eliciting Expert Knowledge to Inform Landscape Modeling of Conservation Scenarios

Hawai'i: Assessment & Resource Strategy Analysis

Idaho: Assessing Sage Grouse Habitat Restoration

Idaho: Clearwater Basin Collaborative Landscape Assessment

Idaho: Fire Program Analysis

Idaho: Payette National Forest Bighorn Sheep Viability Analysis

Idaho: Woodpecker Occupancy Modeling

Illinois: Landscape Change Driven by Biofuels Mandate

Iowa: Ecosystem Services in the Midwest

Kansas: Using State-and-Transition Models to Simulate Large-Scale Changes in Land Use and the Impacts on Ecosystem Carbon Dynamics Under a Range of Future Global Change Scenarios

Maine: Appalachian Trail Decision Support System

Massachusetts: National Biomass and Carbon Dataset

Michigan: Eliciting Expert Knowledge to Inform Landscape Modeling of Conservation Scenarios

Michigan: Forest Scenarios - Wild Rivers Legacy Forest Site

Michigan: Hiawatha National Forest Planning (links on WHAM! Map)

Michigan: Forest Scenario Projects - Two Hearted River Site

Minnesota: Are Investments to Promote Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services Aligned?

Montana: Extent of Conterminous U.S. Rangelands

Montana: Fire Management in the National Wildlife Refuge System - A Case Study of the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Montana

Montana: Fire Regime Synthesis (links on WHAM! map)

Montana: Northern Divide Grizzly Bear Project

Montana: Remote Sensing Rangeland Assessment

Montana: Wildland Fire Potential Map

National: Ecological Conservation Risk of the Conterminous U.S.

Nebraska: Future Grassland Productivity and Biofuels for Greater Platte River Basin

Nevada/Utah: Central Basin and Range Rapid Ecoregional Assessment

Nevada: Economics of Fuel Management

Nevada: Great Basin National Park Landscape Conservation Forcasting™

Nevada: Greater Sage-Grouse Characteristics and Dynamics

Nevada: Mt. Grant/Hawthorne Army Depot Management Planning

Nevada: North Schell Creek Conservation Planning

Nevada: South Spring and Hamblin Valley's Conservation Planning

Nevada: Ward Mountain Restoration Project (links on the WHAM! map)

New Mexico and Arizona: Signal Peak Fuels Prioritization and Planning

New Mexico: Upper Mimbres Watershed Assessment

New York: Assessing Forest Ecological Integrity Using LANDFIRE and Forest Inventory Analysis

North Carolina: An Assessment of the Nantahala-Pisgah National Forest and Surrounding Lands: A Synthesis of the eCAP Methodology and LiDAR Vegetation Analysis

North Carolina: Evaluating Management Scenarios for Atlantic Coastal Plain Pocosin Soils

North Carolina: GAP Analysis- National Inventory of Vegetation and Land Use

Ohio: Wildfire Hazard Mapping: Exploring Site Conditions in Eastern U.S. Wildland-Urban Interfaces

Oregon: Climate Change and Salmonids

Oregon: Forests and Woodland Conservation Analysis

Oregon: Future Scenarios of Land Use and Land Cover Change in the U.S.

Oregon: Lakeview Restoration and Prioritization Analysis

Oregon: Northwest Restoration Needs Assessment

Oregon: Regional Carbon Dioxide in U.S. West Coast

South Carolina: Modeling Vegetation Dynamics and Habitat Availability in the Southeastern U.S.

South Dakota: Fuel Treatment Effectiveness

Tennessee: Cherokee National Forest Collaborative Restoration Planning

Texas: Chihuahuan Desert Grassland Bird Habitat Relationships and Abundance

Utah: Carbon Biomass in the Utah High Plateaus

Utah: Developing Site-Specific Nutrient Criteria from Empirical Models

Utah: Fremont River Ranger District Landscape Conservation Forecasting™ (links on WHAM! map)

Utah: Grouse Creek/Raft River Mountains Planning

Utah: Landscape Conservation Forecastingtm Report to the Powell Ranger District, Dixie National Forest, USDA Forest Service (links on WHAM! map)

Utah: Ward Mountain Restoration Project (zip file available by request

Utah: Wildland Fire Entrapment Avoidance - Modeling Evacuation Triggers

Virginia: Central Appalachians Forest Planning (links on WHAM! map)

Virginia: Decadal RPA Assessment

Virginia: Land Carbon Project

Virginia: Rapid Assessment of U.S. Vegetation and Soil Organic Carbon Storage and Vegetation Carbon Sequestration Capacity

Washington, DC: Forest as Ozone Abatement Strategy

Washington, DC: Hazardous Fuels Reduction - Ecosystem Management Decision Support System and Hazardous Fuels Prioritization and Allocation System

Washington, DC: National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy

Washington: Carbon Dynamics of Forests in Washington

Washington: Carbon Stocks of Trees Killed by Bark Beetles and Wildfire in the Western U.S.

Washington: Eastern Washington Forests “Whole Systems” Assessment

Washington: Research to Regulation - Cougar Social Behavior as a Guide for Management

Wisconsin: Wild Rivers Legacy Forest Site

Wyoming: Bridger-Teton National Forest Vegetation Condition Assessment

Wyoming: Wildland Fire in the Urban Interface