The LANDFIRE Program -- 10 years old in 2014 -- has been growing into a body of innovations, experiences, analyses and tools that express the needs and creativity of land managers, conservationists, scientists and others. By improving and updating products, and continually working to increase their appropriate use, LANDFIRE supports biodiversity conservation and effective resource allocation across disciplines and geographies.

LANDFIRE scientists created and support an infrastructure designed to help users understand program products and use them effectively and efficiently. Check out the library Bibliography for a more complete collection of publications and presentations regarding how people are using LANDFIRE, and what they're learning from work on the ground. Visit the Guides and the Tutorials pages for help on specific functions and resources. See the Applications and Summary Stories sections for examples of how others are using LANDFIRE products.

We update support materials & contacts continually, so please check back.

LANDFIRE Program welcomes questions and comments.

TNC-LANDFIRE has posted tutorials on its YouTube Channel. Begin here with our intro "What is LANDFIRE?" feature video.

Assistance and information are available from the TNC-LANDFIRE team at any time.

See LANDFIRE Training and the Wildland Fire Management RD&A - Fuels and Fire Ecology ​(formerly NIFTT) and FRAMES sites for more support options.

See the LANDFIRE Gateway library web links site for additional information regarding our partners and collaborators. 

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