Webinars: LANDFIRE Remap in the Southwest U.S.

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LF Remap in the Southwest: Webinars!

This webinar series was completed in November 2019.

This autumn 2019 webinar series focused on LANDFIRE Remap products in LF's Southwest GeoArea: Nevada, Utah, and Arizona, and sections of New Mexico, Colorado, and California. 

Presenters Jim Smith and Kori Blankenship of The Nature Conservancy's LF team reviewed improvements to LF's newest product offerings and also looked at what remains the same as in previous versions. The Southwest is the second of nine Remap regional product releases that are scheduled through mid-2020.

Jim Smith, TNC’s LANDFIRE Project lead lives in Jacksonville, FL and is an industry leader in remote sensing and mapping. He started his career at Virginia Tech where he was a tenured member of the Forestry faculty for 13 years, then moved on to develop forest information systems development at Champion International Paper Company. Jim joined the Conservancy in 2004 to manage the LANDFIRE project, where he also  contributes robust mapping and statistical expertise. Jim earned a BS in Timber Management, an MS Forest Biometrics from the University of Georgia, and a PhD in Forest Biometrics and Remote Sensing from Virginia Tech. 

Kori Blankenship joined The Nature Conservancy’s LANDFIRE team in 2005, where she has since facilitated the development of hundreds of ecological models, pioneered methods to estimate the historical range of variability, and applied LANDFIRE products to address land management challenges around the U.S.  Combining her on-the-ground expertise in wildland fire (Kori holds an Incident Qualification Card) with knowledge of geography, proven spatial analysis skills, and solid technical writing, Kori helps improve LANDFIRE products and educates users on a multitude of applications.  Kori earned her BA and MS degrees in Geography at Western Washington University. Kori lives in Bend, OR. 

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