A horizon scan of global conservation issues for 2015.

Trends in Ecology and Evolution
Sutherland, W.J., M. Clout, M. Depledge, L.V. Dicks, J. Dinsdale, A.C. Entwistle, E. Fleishman, D.W. Gibbons, B. Keim, F.A. Lickorish, K.A. Monk, N. Ockendon, L.S. Peck, J. Pretty, J. Rockstr_m, M.D. Spalding, F.H. Tonneijck, B.C. Wintle
SourceMark Spalding
Volume / Issue30(1)
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Tagsenvironment; public health; priority setting; future; drugs; Antarctica; trade
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Publication Date15-Jan
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AbstractThis paper presents the results of our sixth annual horizon scan, which aims to identify phenomena that may have substantial effects on the global environment, but are not widely known or well understood. A group of professional horizon scanners, researchers, practitioners, and a journalist identified 15 topics via an iterative, Delphi-like process. The topics include a novel class of insecticide compounds, legalisation of recreational drugs, and the emergence of a new ecosystem associated with ice retreat in the Antarctic.
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