Biofuels Expansion and Environmental Quality in Brazil

Energy Sprawl Solutions
Kennedy, Christina M.; Hawthorne, Peter L.; Sochi, Kei; Miteva, Daniela A.; Baumgarten, Leandro; Uhlhorn, Elizabeth M.; Kiesecker, Joseph M.
PublisherIsland Press
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Total Pages11 pages
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Editor(s)Kiesecker Joseph M.; Naugle David E.
Conference / Book TitleEnergy Sprawl Solutions
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Tagsrenewable energy production; biodiversity conservation; energy security; biodiversity protection; energy sectors; agriculture
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Publication DateJune 2017
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AbstractRising energy demands, volatile oil prices, and concerns about climate change have led countries to look for alternatives to fossil fuels. Biofuels, or fuels produced from organic matter, have been embraced as a promising alternative to oil, because in principle they can lower carbon emissions, enhance domestic energy security, and revitalize rural economies. More than sixty countries have biofuel targets or mandates, which have led global production to grow from 16 to 120 billion liters over the last decade.
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