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Society Is Ready for a New Kind of Science-Is Academia?

Keeler, Bonnie L.; Chaplin-Kramer, Rebecca; Guerry, Anne D.; Addison, Prue F. E.; Bettigole, Charles; Burke, Ingrid C.; Gentry, Brad; Chambliss, Lauren; Young, Carrie; Travis, Alexander J.; Darimont, Chris T.; Gordon, Doria R.; Hellmann, Jessica; Kareiva, Peter; Monfort, Steve; Olander, Lydia; Profeta, Tim; Possingham, Hugh P.; Slotterback, Carissa; Sterling, Eleanor; Ticktin, Tamara; Vira, Bhaskar
Publisher N/A
SourceWeb of Science
Volume / Issue67 / 7
Pages591 - 592
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Publication Date17-Jul
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